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Photography In The Lake District, Cumbria

Having always wanting to go to the Lake District, the place where my parents spent their honeymoon I took the opportunity to make the 7 hour journey from Cornwall to Cumbria. While I was there I noticed there were many wedding venues which were beautifully placed overlooking the lakes and surrounded by high peaks. It looked a great place to get married but very different from Cornwall. However I didn't come to shoot weddings this time. I came to find a sense of isolation and to find some moody views off the beaten track.

Armed with my trusty Canon camera and a 50mm f1.2 and my dog Maggie we stepped into the great outdoors. Maps and a compass were there as a last resort but I really didn't plan a route. I just wanted to find some great view points and let nature do its thing. With all the time in the world we slowly trekked higher and higher stopping only to find shelter under a tree or a wall as the weather came in.

The light and the weather was always changing. CLICK. Bursts of light would follow dark storms of rain and hail. CLICK. Watching the clouds form, move across the landscape and dissipate gave me a deeper understanding. CLICK. I feel connected. CLICK. Cleansed with a new perspective. CLICK rejuvenated....Such is the power of mother earth.

Photographs taken somewhere in Grasmere by Scott Marshall. To see more check out the albums on Scott Marshall Photography FB page. Thank you.

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Maggie in a storm


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